WordPress is the best content management system for all systems out there. It offers a lot of plugins to enhance WordPress websites. WooCommerce module add-ons are one type of plugin, but nowadays some new plugins have come out that are very beneficial for WooCommerce. They have released WooCommerce 7.6.0, which is more compatible with the previous version.

Two types of versions are released:

  • 485 WooCommerce cores brought to you by 47 contributors.
  • It came from 21 contributors to the WooCommerce block.

As always, we have advised you for backing up your site and make sure your theme and any other theme are compatible before updating.

Let’s See What’s New In WoCoommerce 7.6.0

There are many points are added to the new theme of release WooCommerce 7.6.

  • Now you can add a cache for orders, to use when custom order tables are enabled.
  • You can add an encoding selector for the product importer.
  • Allow sorting by menu_order in the product widget.
  • Log in to remove coupons or order notes when applicable.
  • This fixes a bug used by dispatch, select and set state calls in the home screen with settings and onboarding packages to ensure compatibility with current versions of the Gutenberg plugin.

A Good Performance Of Payment Gateways In Mini Cart Block

With the release of Woocommerce, many changes have been made to the mini cart block. It has been optimized in a way and with that, its performance has improved so that we can work more efficiently in our WooCommerce marketplace platform. This gives you the advantage that when you play the mini cart, the content is visible continuously because it is loaded before the browser of the website is reloaded.

Changes In Action & Filter 

  • Woocommerce extension allows the use of the radio of backorder and it allows 3rd parties to control.
  • Click on a button to proceed with the curt block and proceed to checkout so that the link can be changed.
  • Woocommerce products reduced the item in stock for ordering. Now They provide a specific limit if the stocks are reduced.
  • No changes in the template
  • No changes in the released database
  • No deprecations in this release.


Since Woocommerce 7.6.0 brought changes, there have been improvements in how developers can report and contribute. This is proving to be very helpful in moving the commerce core and co-block of the community forward. Our team of woocommerce developers has good skills and deep knowledge to develop any function.